C O N T A C T   A N D   S H O W R O O M

Our showroom shows many styles of concrete finishes, colors, textures and techniques.  Chances are you will find something that suits your design style.  We welcome you to come in to visit our showroom.  Please feel free to stop by, but it is best to call ahead of time to make an appointment.  We want to make sure we are there to answer any questions that you may have and to show you around. 

Phone:  401-475-1145

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Please Note** When you come off of Walker and pull into Industrial Circle, 85 Industrial is the large mill building on the left hand side. Continue past the mill building and veer off to your left and continue to the dirt parking lot.  Our building is the one that is on the left and is a  light tan/peach color.  Once parked go to the left hand side of the building where the fence is and enter in through our glass showroom door.  Welcome!!

Please fill out the form below and a representative from Livingstone will contact you or feel free to give us a call.

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