Concrete has been around in a variety of forms for many years.  When concrete is mixed it becomes a fluid resource that is very easy to work with.  When you build with concrete you are building something that will last.  It is no wonder why it is ubiquitous in our modern world.  However, like many things ubiquity can make something seem rather commonplace and you begin to take this amazing resource for granted .   You won’t notice the material, only what it creates; a sidewalk, a foundation, a parking structure or a slab.  You may see it as something that only serves as a function and not for the creative potential that it holds. 

 As concrete artisans, it is our passion and goal to reintroduce you to this material and help you to realize all of its creative attributes.  At LCS we can help to integrate both form and function into your project.  We will show you how we can bring your project to life by adding the artistic touches that only concrete can offer.  We can use color, embed stones or glass, add texture or stain, sandblast to expose rock or polish it smooth.  Any or all of these elements will result in an object of beauty tailored to your lifestyle. 

 So what are you waiting for!  Let’s play in the mud and create something unique.  Your project is nothing but a blank canvas awaiting your imagination!!



Concrete Colors

Below is a PDF of some of our colors.  Our concrete is handmade, so some variation in color and tone is to be expected. Each color is blended and batched in house, so custom color formulation is available.
>> view Concrete Colors (pdf)

Concrete Finishes and Textures

Aside from coloring concrete, we offer a variety of surface finishes and textures. Anywhere from acid staining, to blending recycled glass, to veining, Livingstone has the right finish to fit your style and application. To view all of our finish options in person, contact us to set up a showroom visit.

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